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November 12, 2021

How did Teach Easy English help students in India?

My name is Kagava and I am working in central India as a mission worker. As a part of our mission work, we help students with their studies after school.

When Teri Spray came to India in 2016, I was introduced to Easy English Program for the first time.  I took the short course with her. I took the course again in the next year. When my wife Evangelin and I did this course together,  it was a real blessing to have all the training and the resources from both Mike and Teri Spray together. Now we are certified trainers in Easy English!

When we returned to our ministry location in Jalgaon, India, we started teaching our own Easy English Classes. It was very easy to train the students.

One of my students who came to me was a teacher in a nearby school. I started giving her lesson after lesson.

Soon she learned all the sounds, rhymes, rhythms, songs, poems, stories, and activities. Within a month she became so confident, she started to give her own classes in English.

I can share many stories on how the Easy English Program has had a great impact on my studentsĀ“ lives.

I am so privileged to help many students as well as teachers in our area. I really thank Teri for investing her life-long teaching experiences into our lives so that we could help many others.

Many thanks to the “Amazing Teri Spray” and her husband Mike!!!

Kagava & Evangelin

Jalgaon, India.

By duyentran
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